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[registrars] Hotels in Santiago, Chile.

Dear Colleagues:

Does anyone have an idea of the venue for the meetings in Santiago?

Checking for features, I found this hotel site:


When you are in the Santiago area and are looking for lodging at a great 
hotel you are looking for Hotel Manquehue . Here in the suburb of Las 
Condes you will enjoy the peace and quiet although you are in the biggest 
city in Chile. Hotel Manquehue is located about 2 blocks form Santiago main 
avenues which will allow you easy access to anywhere in the city.  If you 
like to shop you are with in walking distance of 2 of Chile's
best Shopping malls.  Below you will find out what the comforts and 
services this 4 star hotel offers.

All for now.

While the *early* bird gets the worm,
the *second* mouse gets the cheese.