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Re: [registrars] Hotels in Santiago, Chile.

Robert F. Connelly wrote:
> Dear Colleagues:
> Does anyone have an idea of the venue for the meetings in Santiago?


I knwo that it is at an Univerity location (not strange given the fact that
Florencio Utreras acts as "the local guy" ;-) I will check with him which
exact location.

BTW I am sure that Florencio, Patircio Poblete (the Chilean NIC manager) and
the rest of the LA group will provide ICANN very soon with a suitable list of

As it is winter down there, I don't think we will have lots of problems
finding an accomodation. And, being a Latin-curlutre country, early booking
(or early anything, ofr that matter) does not belong to the local traditions ;-)

Best regards,

Amadeu, from sunny Mediterranean seaside, aka Barcelona (hi Desiree!!)