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Re: [registrars] Proposed Domain Name Dispute Policy

JIMBRAMSON@aol.com wrote:
> To all Testbed and Post-Testbed Registrars:
> Attached please find a draft Domain Name Dispute Policy that was prepared by
> our counsel, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.  The draft is based upon
> Annex IV to the Final Report on the WIPO Domain Name Process, but is written
> in an informal style intended to be more accessible to the average consumer.


> As you know, ICANN has passed a resolution that there should be a unified
> domain name dispute policy.  We are therefore soliciting comments on this
> draft from the other accredited registrars.  In order to complete this policy
> for use by the testbed registrars as soon as possible, we are asking that all
> comments be provided to us no later than Friday, June 25. 

Thanks a lot, Jim. This is REALLY helpful and a very nice move from you ;-)
You might be assured that Nominalia will send comments to Stuart and Rita (hi
there!) in due time.
> Please note that AOL and register.com have paid for the creation of this
> draft policy without any contribution from any other registrar.  Since we are
> opening up this work product to solicit your feedback with the goal of
> developing a policy that will be acceptable to and uniformly adopted by all
> of the registrars, we are asking that all participating registrars contribute
> to the work Skadden will undertake going forward to review and incorporate
> your respective comments. 

Do you allow me a "boutade", Jim??

You are probably aware that if there is right now a testbed period for
registrars, that there is a model that separates registries from registrars 
at all is in large part due to the restless effort of a fair number of people
(but certainly NOT that large) over the last two years. As an IP lawyer you
also know that having at least the skeleton of an acceptable ADR process and
Sturat could provide you also lots of details about where all this WIPO Final
Report comes form. If ICANN was in a position two months ago to select your
company and four other to start this experiment was also thanks to the
intensive work of again a fairly limited, even if significant, number of
people, to a ceratin extent the same group referred to above.

These efforts have costed LOTS of time, energy and *money*. Nobody has asked
yet a dime to AOL, and don't think any of (them) us ever will. All of us were
sincerily convinced that a) we were working for the Internet good, and this
wpuld bring a benefit to us in the long run and b) if we (as Nominalia) had
commercial interests to defend, we were perfectly aware that we had to devote
all needed time, effort and money to develop solutions that would beneift the
whole category; no system would work in our exclusive benefit. Do what you
need to do for yourself, and then share the benefits with everybody. That was
the way.

I will be glad to provide you with names, examples and even sumbs if you are
interested ;-)

Hmm, on second thought, it was just half a boutade.... ;-)

Best regards,