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Re: [registrars] Proposed Domain Name Dispute Policy


Thank you for sharing the draft document with us.  Its style is
exactly what we should be striving for.  I will be reviewing
it this week with our council and contributing any constructive
comments as suggested.

As for the $1,000. I find you request acceptable and
will participate.   Question?  what do expect the total
bill will be with Skadden for this document??

Best Regards,

Hal Lubsen
Domain Bank. Inc.

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Sent: Friday, June 18, 1999 10:49 PM
Subject: [registrars] Proposed Domain Name Dispute Policy

> To all Testbed and Post-Testbed Registrars:
> Attached please find a draft Domain Name Dispute Policy that was prepared
> our counsel, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.  The draft is based
> Annex IV to the Final Report on the WIPO Domain Name Process, but is
> in an informal style intended to be more accessible to the average
> In particular, the attached draft policy incorporates WIPO's concepts
> regarding arbitration for the narrow category of disputes relating to
> registration and the limited remedies available through the arbitration
> process.  This draft policy does not include WIPO's suggestions regarding
> exclusions of "famous marks."  Since the use of "famous mark" exclusions
> still a hotly contested issue, we believe that WIPO's proposal should not
> adopted until there is a broader consensus on this issue.
> As you know, ICANN has passed a resolution that there should be a unified
> domain name dispute policy.  We are therefore soliciting comments on this
> draft from the other accredited registrars.  In order to complete this
> for use by the testbed registrars as soon as possible, we are asking that
> comments be provided to us no later than Friday, June 25.  We are also
> that each registrar submit no more than one set of comments, to streamline
> the process.  All comments should be sent to RRODIN@SKADDEN.COM and
> SLEVI@SKADDEN.COM.  Skadden will then circulate a revised policy
> incorporating comments received from the other registrars, and identifying
> any points not incorporated and the reason for not including them (e.g.,
> the event of disagreement among registrars).
> Please note that AOL and register.com have paid for the creation of this
> draft policy without any contribution from any other registrar.  Since we
> opening up this work product to solicit your feedback with the goal of
> developing a policy that will be acceptable to and uniformly adopted by
> of the registrars, we are asking that all participating registrars
> to the work Skadden will undertake going forward to review and incorporate
> your respective comments.  We are asking that each registrar who submits
> comments or who expects to adopt the policy that is being created,
> $1,000 towards this effort.  Payments should be payable to America Online,
> Inc. and sent to Jim Bramson, America Online, Inc., 22000 AOL Way, Dulles,
> 20166.  Once the project is completed, if the registrars have collectively
> contributed more than necessary to cover Skadden's bills, we will provide
> rata reimbursements, or at the contributors' request, donate the excess
> to the Registrar Constituency.
> Please contact us with any questions you may have.  Thank you for your
> cooperation.
> Jim Bramson (AOL)
> Rich Forman (register.com)