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Re: [registrars] RE: IMPORTANT - ICANN DNSO Registrar Constituency Voting

At 22:09 19-06-99 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
...So the criterion should not be "being a member of"
>but as the bylaws rightly say: "No more than one officer, director or employee
>of a corporation or other organization (including its subsidiaries and
>affiliates) shall serve on the NC at any given time"  (Article VI-B.2.g).
>Emokiyess are under the authority of the organsiation, while dirctors and/or
>officers contirbute in ofmring their opinion.
>Under this light, I disagree with Bob when he asumes that He and Ken could
>jointly serve on the NC. Not because they are both members, but because they
>are both members of the CORE's Exectutive Committee.

Dear Amadeu:

While my comment to Maryann was that I would not be barred because I belong 
to CORE, you are right that I would need to make a choice between the two 
positions.  Ken may face the same kind of choice.

My note to Maryann stated that all three of the candidates from Asia 
Pacific are members of CORE.  It was planned that Richard would be 
nominated for the NC.  However, Michael nominated me and I overlooked the 

Thanks for keeping us on track.

Personal regards,

While the *early* bird gets the worm,
the *second* mouse gets the cheese.