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[registrars] RE: IMPORTANT - ICANN DNSO Registrar Constituency Voting

If I understand correctly there can only be one representative on the names 
council from any single "entity".  If Ken Stubbs and Bob Connelly were both 
elected from the Registrar Con. could they both be on the Names Council since 
they are bothe part of CORE?


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Ivan Pope wrote:

Is Bob Connelly standing as a CORE member or what:

>> Quote:

If elected, I pledge to represent our Constituency as a whole.

Bob Connelly
Executive Committee, Internet Council of Domain Name Registrars (CORE)
Ken Stubbs, Chair (USA)                    <kstubbs@dninet.net>
Jonathan Robinson, Deputy-Chair (UK) <jonathan@gate.netbenefit.co.uk>
Francois-luc Collignon (Monaco)          <collignon@netbay.net>
Robert F. Connelly (Japan)                <rconnell@psi-japan.com>
Roberto Gaetano (France)                <Roberto.Gaetano@etsi.fr>
Hal Lubson (USA)                             <hlubsen@altronics.com>
Werner Staub (Switzerland)              <werner@axone.ch>

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