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Re: [registrars] RE: IMPORTANT - ICANN DNSO Registrar Constituency Voting

At 16:27 18-06-99 +0100, Ivan Pope wrote:
>Is Bob Connelly standing as a CORE member or what:

Dear Ivan:  Certainly *you* should know that I work for the best interest 
of the Internet as a whole.  The question which has been raised by others 
was whether he or she would represent their region or the Constituency as a 
whole.  Since we have only three seats and there are five regions, I, like 
several other responsible candidates, pledge to represent the Registrars 
Constituency as a whole.

Hope that covers your question.

I am concerned that, other than Amadeu or I, no one has taken note of your 
generous offer to be a teller for the votes.

Personal regards,
While the *early* bird gets the worm,
the *second* mouse gets the cheese.