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[registrars] UPDATE: Voting - Teleconference - Listserv

This e-mail has two parts: Part 1 - Voting Issues, Part 2- DOC & ICANN
Teleconference, Part 3 Listserv


Voting is still open and will be until Friday at midnight EDT.  To date I
have received 3 ballots.  Please send all ballots directly to me at either
mpalage@ipwarehouse.com or mdp@infonetworks.com.

Included below is a copy of the ballot:


Asia Pacific			Richard Lindsay	InterQ
Asia Pacific 			Clive Flory 		Melbourne IT
Asia Pacific			Bob Connelly 	PSI-Japan

North America		Ken Stubbs		CORE
North America		Ross Wm. Rader	Tucows/Domain Direct
North America		Eric Eden		Verio
North America 		Paul Stahura 	eNom
North America 		Richard Forman	Register.com
North America		Len Bayles		AllWest

Europe			Amadeu Abril	Nominalia
Europe			Desiree Miloshevic 	Virtual Internet

The following people are eligible to vote: (27 out of 43 eligible companies)

InfoNetworks			Michael D. Palage
AT&T				Maryann McCormick
Interdomain			Teresa Sobreviela
9NetAve			Frank Gurrera
NetBenefit			Scott McKay
WebTrends			Suzanne Baylor
Domain Bank		Hal Lubsen
Domain Direct		Ross Wm. Rader
ENom				Paul Stahura
Active ISP			Ian Christiansen
Port Information System	Per-Aners Hurtigh
Virtual Internet		Desiree Miloshevic
Verio				Eric Eden
CORE				Ken Stubbs
Internet Domain Registrars	Paul Lum
Melbourne IT			Clive Flory
Register.com			Richard Forman
CASDNS			Jeffrey Smith
Nominalia			Amadeu Abril Abril
Domain Registry.com	Larry Erlich
AllWest Communications	Len Bayles
InterQ				Richard A. S. Lindsay
A Technology Company	Jason Hendeles
NetNames			Ivan Pope
InfoRamp			Janet Rogers
PSI-JAPAN			Robert F. Connelly
NameSecure			Jeff Field


The second in a series of teleconferences between the Department of
Commerce, ICANN and the post testbed registrars is scheduled for tomorrow.
The following people are signed up for this teleconference.  This conference
is currently closed because of size.  I will start working on scheduling a
third teleconference if demand warrants it.

Registrar Constituency - Michael D. Palage
Virtual Internet - Desiree Miloshevic
RCN - jj.jones@rcn.net
Swidler Berlin - Larry Blosser (attorney for RCN)
Name Secure - Jeff Field
ATT - Maryann McCormick (with Marilyn Cade a possible addition)
Domain Bank - Hal Lubsen
Verio - Eric Eden
Morris & Forester (MOFO) - Verio legal counsel
Port Information System   Per-Anders Hurtigh & Attorney - Hans P Thoren (one
line only)
*** Advanced System Consulting - Jeff Pierce
Webtrends - Suzanne & the CEO

*** Has not yet joined the constituency group - in the process of
evaluating.  However, for purposes of this teleconference still a post
testbed registrar and eligible to participate.

I will forward you the dial-in number and password as soon as It becomes
available to me.

PART 3 Listserv

I now manage the listserv any problems (i.e. additions/deletions) contact me

That's all for now.