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[registrars] Network Solutions Interface Software & System Development

Jason Hendeles wrote:

June 16th, 1999

Attention: Accredited Registrars

Re:	SRS Software Interface Development

We are exploring the possibility of leading, or participating in the
development of the SRS registration software interface as part of a group of

The benefits of a joint development include:

1. Minimised capital costs...save $$
2. Faster implementation...time to market
3. Shared testing, debugging...minimize downtime
4. Group problem solving...enhanced security and reliability
5. Professional technical specification documentation...for technical audits

and more...

If you are interested in participating, we would be pleased to co-ordinate
this project.  If necessary, we could draft a preliminary software
development agreement between the participating parties to ensure
confidentiality and that the code is solely used for the benefit of the
participating registrars.

Alternatively, if you are one of the test-bed registrars, we would be please
to share your development costs and assist you to make enhancements to your

Please contact me if you are interested in participating.


Jason Hendeles

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