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RE: [Fwd: [registrars] UPDATE: Voting - Teleconference - Listserv]

Larry this was only done to keep the group manageable. The first
teleconference was limited to 8 people.  I sit in on every conference to
take minutes.  The minutes from the first teleconference are available as
will the minutes from this teleconference. Several people have already
contacted me about participating in another one, so it is most likely a
third teleconference will be held.

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 << Message: [registrars] UPDATE: Voting - Teleconference - Listserv (3.38
KB) >> Why is it closed because of size?

You have 2 attorneys for 2 of the participants.

That's 4 slots.

What's going on? You can accomodate more people
than that at a teleconference.

Larry Erlich

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