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[registrars] Registrar Constituency Teleconference - Minutes - 6-8-99

DNSO Registrar Constituency Teleconference
Date: 6-8-99
Time: 17:30 EST
Duration: approx. 1hr 20 min.
Prepared by: Michael D. Palage (interim secretariat) -
mpalage@ipwarehouse.com / mdp@infonetworks.com


1. Michael D. Palage (interim secretariat/moderator) InfoNetworks
2. Richard Lindsay - InterQ
3. Ross Wm. Rader Tucows/Domain Direct
4. Bob ??? (sitting for Eric Eden) - Verio
5. Len Bayles - AllWest
6. Marilyn  - ATT
7. Amadeu Abril - Nominalia
8. Ian ??? - Active ISP
9. Bob Connelly - PSI-Japan
10. Desiree Miloshevic - Virtual Internet
11. Mary Ann - AT&T
12. Lauren Gaviser - Register.com
13. Peter (sitting for clive) - Melbourne IT
14. Susan Baylor - webtrends
15. Ken Stubbs - CORE
16. Paul Stahura - eNom

* Report by the secretariat regarding the circulation and submission of
application forms. Currently 21 out of the eligible 43 companies for
membership have completed the forms.

* Registrars@DNSO.org mailing list is up an operational.

* It was unanimously agreed upon by the group that the mailing list would be
closed to participants only (voting & non-voting members) for posting
purposes, but open for the entire Internet community to view via an archive
of postings.

* Fees -  The group voted unanimously to adopt some minimal budget to cover
operational expenses, i.e. teleconferences, meeting rooms at upcoming ICANN
meetings, etc.  However, there were several qualifications that the budget
would have to be reviewed before being adopted.  The general consensus was
that each member would have to contribute between $100 - $200 dollars during
the next several months (i.e 90 post testbed period).

* Nominations/elections - The groups agreed by consensus that the nomination
process would remain open until this Friday evening at which time I would
prepare a ballot to circulate to all the authorized agents to vote.  Voting
would take place next week.  There was a discussion on how the Names Council
representatives would be elected as it is was agreed that candidates would
be categorized into geographic regions and each representative would be
allowed to cast one vote per geographic region.  There was an objection by
the Melbourne IT representative that the representative be allowed to cast
their votes for the best candidate regardless of geographical limitations.
This is a moot point at the present time since we have nominations in only
three geographic regions, and the group has expressed it intended to comply
with the geographic diversity requirement.

The current nominations for Names Counsel representatives are:

Richard Lindsay - InterQ
Amadeu Abril - Nominalia
Ken Stubbs - CORE
Clive Flory - Melbourne IT
Ross Wm. Rader Tucows/Domain Direct
Eric Eden - Verio.net
Len Bayles - AllWest
Bob Connelly - PSI-Japan
Desiree Miloshevic - Virtual Internet
Paul Stahura - eNom

* Any person wishing to nominate someone else or themselves please contact
me directly since you may/maynot be able to post to registrars@dnso.org
mailing list.

* This weekend a copy of the ballot and the credentials of each candidate
will be circulated to the list for their consideration before voting.  Only
those organizations that have completed the form and designated the proper
voting representative will be permitted to vote.

* Amadeu discussed the important for participation is the Working Groups
with regard to the WIPO report and stated that it was open to constituency
members not just Name Council representatives. July 31 is the deadline
established by the ICANN board.

* Testbed status.  Ken Stubbs urged all post testbed accredited registrars
to speak up and be heard.  He stated that the Commerce Department has not
yet begun negotiations with NSI concerning the post testbed fees and terms.
There was a discussion about NSI's claim to the $9 per year registry fee and
how the only basis for it was ICANN's demand that the fee be in the single
digits.  The group as a whole expressed concern about paying for something
without knowing what you are getting. There was a general call for all
member to contact individually and collectively, the Commerce Department,
i.e. Becky Burr, the Department of Justice - Antitrust Division, and ICANN,
specially Louie Touton.

* I discussed the availability of future teleconferences with Louie Touton,
ICANN's attorney, to discuss various contractual issues.

For an clarifications please contact Michael D. Palage, interim secretariat
at mpalage@ipwarehouse.com / mdp@infonetworks.com or +1 (561) 630-8060.