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[registrars] IMPORTANT - Post-Testbed Legal Teleconference

As discussed yesterday in the Registrar Teleconference, Louis Touton, legal
counsel for ICANN, has requested that those "post-testbed" registrars
interested in discussing any of their contractual concerns contact me with
regard to setting up a teleconference(s).  In order to provide for an
orderly, productive, and open session, each teleconference will be limited
in the number of participants and will be moderated by myself.  The number
participants in each teleconference and the number of teleconferences will
be determined based upon the number of people that request to participant.
Because I will moderate each teleconference I will personally undertake to
scribe each teleconference and make it available to the Constituency at
large and for those registrars that are not able
to participate.

Please contact me personally so that I can begin setting up these groups.
Louie has stated that he would like the first teleconference to take place

Please respond as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Michael D. Palage