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RE: [registrars] [Policy-forum] FW: WHOIS POLICY VOTE (fwd)

This web page was easy to find since it has a link from the home page. This
should answer your question about who is on the policy committee.



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::From: owner-registrars@dnso.org [mailto:owner-registrars@dnso.org]On
::Behalf Of Rick Wesson
::Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 2:36 PM
::To: Ross Wm Rader
::Cc: 'Elana Broitman'; 'Registrars List'
::Subject: RE: [registrars] [Policy-forum] FW: WHOIS POLICY VOTE (fwd)
::On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:
::> > Rick - do you know how to submit public comments on this policy?
::> Thanks
::> Rumor has it that registrars are represented on the policy council and
::> we presumably voted in favor of these recommendations based on the
::> minutes.
::who represented the registrars, where was the request for input or even
::notice of this as a discussion topic with .us?
::I think we have a "failure to communicate" with whomever our
::representative is.

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