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[registrars] IDN Representative

Hi Everyone,

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From: "Michael D. Palage" <michael@palage.com>
> 1) Affirmation of IDN Representatives. Edmon from Neteka and Yann from
> Momentus were elected as the Registrar IDN Representative.

First of all, thank you for voting myself as a Registrar IDN Representative.
In response to Nikolaj's earlier comments, I would like to say that although
I am working in Canada right now, I grew up in Hongkong and does have an
Asian background that I can bring to the discussions.  Also, yes, Neteka is
a vendor of IDN products, but our solution is standards driven, and most
important of all, I am confident that I will have the integrity to knowledge
and experience I have gained over the last few years working with IDN to
good use for the community.

Also, as I will be voicing the concerns for registrars in the committee,
here are what I stand for for IDNs in the context of a registrar:

- open standard protocol
- transition strategy that takes into consideration current installed base
- fully functional multilingual domain names
- character equivalence mapping (Charprep) enabled for continued
- registry responsibility to provide charprep information and support
- clear indication and specification of charprep support for registrars to

I look forward to any feedback, comments or concerns anyone may have, and to
represent the constituency well.


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