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[registrars] Minutes from Executive Committee Meeting

Agenda items from Registrars' Executive Call: Participants Palage, Wesson,
Stubbs, Evans

1) Affirmation of IDN Representatives. Edmon from Neteka and Yann from
Momentus were elected as the Registrar IDN Representative.

2) Time frame and formalities for selection of Registrar Nomination
Delegate. Based upon experience of the recently completed IDN Election, all
future candidates for elected positions will be required to post a
qualification statement prior to the commencement of voting. The Executive
Committee will be request that all nominees, Henning Grote, Elliot Noss, and
Richard Lindsay file a qualification statement by Thursday when there is
schedule to be a constituency call.

3) Details of this call will be finalized shortly.

4) New TLDs Committee. Immediate call for interested registrars to
participate in the formation of a discussion group to draft a position
paper. This discussion group will be open to all interested registrars which
will self select a chair. This discussion group will then conduct outreach
from all registrar in the draft of a position. This position will then be
circulated on the registrar mailing list for comment and potential
modification. Prior to Rio, a final position paper will be voted for

It has been proposed that this topic be a subject of conversation for the
Washington, DC pending the final setting of the agenda.

5) Addition topics for discussion during Washington Meeting, discussion of
technology and protocols to mitigate fraud. Will include brief summary of
FTC discussion with an open mic discussion on registrar experiences.

6) Transition of Treasurer responsibilities from Bryan on an interim basis
until new elections. Bryan will submit a formal transition plan next week.
The Executive Committee would like to extend it formal gratitude for the
efforts that Bryan has provided to the constituency over the past two year.

7) It has been proposed that by-laws be added as an additional topic of
conversation for the DC meeting.

8) The final location for the Friday, February 21st meeting has not been
selected. It appears most likely that event will be held in a downtown DC
location, near the FTC building.

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