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RE: [registrars] Important Issue Update Briefing - DELETES DEBATE LIST

Hello all,

Just a point of clarification on Issue # 2.  As you all know, we had a
meeting in Montevideo with the registries about the delete issues.  From
that meeting, it was decided to start a group discussing the different
options, and some papers have even been presented that are now under

As I was chosen (somewhat be default) as the chair of that meeting (and now,
the mailing list it seems), I guess it is my place to annouce here where
those discussions are taking place.  I appologize for not having though to
do so earlier.  It was my oversight that all registrars whom might be
interested would not be at the meeting.

There is a mailing list that was setup for this debate.  To get on it, send
an email
to owner-icann-delete@total.confusion.net.  Register.com is hosting the
mailing list for us.

Out of the discussion with the registries, the group has asked for 4
position papers from the different options presented.  They were due last
Friday.  One has been received, and 2 others are expected immenently
(delayed by events that overtook us all).  Discussion has already begun.

I will be happy to report back on any progress, but we have had a very
productive meeting, and are moving forward quickly.  I hope to have
something to report in the next few weeks.

If you have an interest, please feel free to join us.  Rick, I would suggest
that you also join the group as your input would be valuable in moving this


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ISSUE 2: Delete issues continue to be a problem. Rick Wesson is the point
person for the Registrar Constituency on this issue and has been interacting
with the various parties involved. Please forward any questions or comments
to Rick.

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