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[registrars] Important Issue Update Briefing

The Registrar Executive Committee just concluded our weekly teleconference,
and we would like to update the constituency on some important issues.

ISSUE 1: The comment period for the Registrar XFER issue will close today
and voting will begin within 24 hours upon completion of a ballot.

ISSUE 2: Delete issues continue to be a problem. Rick Wesson is the point
person for the Registrar Constituency on this issue and has been interacting
with the various parties involved. Please forward any questions or comments
to Rick.

ISSUE 3: Nomination for Budget Committee. The following nominations have
been received to date Elana Broitman, Rob Hall & Bryan Evans. If there are
no other nominations received within the next 48 hours, there will be no
need for an election process and these three representative shall represent
the constituency on the ICANN Budget Committee.

ISSUE 4: As per Erica's email, the registrar constituency is asking for
volunteers for the NC Task Force on the proposed ICANN re-structuring. To
date I have received one request from Ken Stubbs. If there are no further
nominations received within the next 48 hours, Ken will be appointed.

ISSUE 5: Depending on the nomination process for the above referenced
Committee and Task Force, there may be the need to hold an election process.

ISSUE 6: Registrar feedback is strongly encouraged on the proposed ALSC
Position Paper.

ISSUE 7: Name Counsel Representatives Elections. The Executive Committee
discussed the reelection of our Name Council representatives. The interim
officers original elected in Berlin (1999) were replaced with permanent
officers shortly before November 1999. The original three officers were Ken
Stubbs, Amadeu Abril and Richard Lindsay. Amadeu's seat became vacant after
his election to the Board. Richard Lindsay term was vacated after the
geographic waiver from ICANN expired. Although living in Japan for many
years, because Richard was not a citizen of an Asia/Pacific region he could
not hold this position. As a result interim/substitute elections were held.
The candidates were Erica Roberts (Asia/Pacific), Francois Collignon
(Europe), and Paul Kane (Europe). Erica won by default because their were no
other candidates from the other ICANN geographic regions. The first election
between Paul and Francois was a tie. Paul prevailed in a subsequent run-off.
Fast forward to 2001. The executive committee decided that it was consistent
with the current by-laws that all three Names Counsel representatives be up
for re-election concurrently in the upcoming month so that the newly elected
representatives can take their seat for this November's ICANN meeting in
Marina del Rey.

ISSUE 8: Miscellaneous Administrative Issues: Bryan Evans as treasurer will
be sending out invoices for the next years dues shortly. Tim Denton as
secretariat will be sending out letters to all registrars asking them to
join the constituency. The executive committee is collective working on
creating a new Registrar Constituency website that should be up shortly
along with a new dedicated fax number for member services and related

ISSUE 9: A Registrar teleconference is planned next week to provide an
update on the aforementioned items along with an update on any of the new
TLD litigation

Executive Committee
Michael Palage, Timothy Denton, Bryan Evans, Rick Wesson

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