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Re: [registrars] Minutes & Straw Poll

At 12:20 PM 6/14/01 -0400, Larry Erlich wrote:
>I don't think that it will be possible
>to specify forms of approval without a lengthy
>process to define those forms of approval. Registrants
>come in all sizes and types, and from all parts of the
>world. Registrars come in all sizes and types also.

Dear Larry:  I've been lurking behind and trying to absorb half of what is 
being said on the subject.

We showed ICANN very early in the game what we use for authenticating in 
Japan.  Letterheads are not generally used by Japanese firms.  However, a 
seal certificate ("inkan shome") is virtually an absolute proof of 
authenticity.  For change of sponsorship, a copy of a seal certificate 
accompanying a written request bearing the seal, coming by FAX, is 

For a change of registrant, we wait for the hard copy with the seals of the 
parties coming by mail with the seals ("inkan" or "hanko") in red.

Regards, BobC

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