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Re: [registrars] Update

Michael & fellow registrars

I have revierwed closely the positions presented  and had discussions with
other CORE members regarding the 2 options posed in the position paper
recently communicated to the registrar constituancy .

A significant number of the CORE members who consulted with me express
strong concerns about the short timelines as well significant reservations
about the proposed new contract as it currently stands.

The majority of concerns expressed related to financial advantages vested to
Verisign thru  cross-subsidation posed in the new contract which could
conceivably provide the Verisign registrar with significant financial
marketing  advantages when compared with other registrars.

Strong concerns were also voiced about the proposed "volume discount
potentials" in the new proposed contract. as well and potential
opportunities for discrimination which could result from initiation of this
proposed pricing structure.

Strong support for the minimum "120 day notice" section was indicated by
many of the members as well insuring that new barriers to entry could not be
initiated under this new agreement

Unfortunately, due to the late hour and minimal time period available to
develop consensus amongst the CORE members on a "unified position", I cannot
provide specific CORE support to one proposal or the other  but rather offer
a CORE consensus and a uniform "serious concerns" about the proposed new
contract as it is currently presented.

We hope earnestly that both parties will re-visit this proposed agreement
and partake from the many  thoughtful & constructive suggestions provided by
various sectors of the internet community.

ken stubbs

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Subject: [registrars] Update

> Tomorrow (Wednesday) the names counsel will be having there
> To date I have received a number of comments from various registrars. Most
> have indicated that statement B is the preferred statement. Other have
> suggested other variations. What I propose is the following. If most
> registrars agree that statement B is suitable sign off on that, and then
> you have addition concerns I will include your supplementary statements.
> Listed below are the people that have signed off on Position Statement A.
> believe I may have missed some people that I may have call me on the
> if so please let me know ASAP.
> Mike
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