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[registrars] Train service from Narita to Yokohama.

Dear Colleagues:

There are many ways to get to Yokohama from Narita.  None of them use the 

To start with, you'll need some local currency.  The best place to get it 
is before you leave Customs, I'd suggest obtaining at least 10,000 yen 
(US$90) before leaving Customs, twice that would be better.  You get bank 
rates, which are better than hotel rates.  Now to the surface 
transportation options.

Taxi:  About $200-$300, 2 to 5 hours, depending upon traffic.
"Limousine-Bus":  Maybe $50, perhaps less. Same time as a Taxi.
JR Narita Express:  Perhaps $50. Just over 1.5 hours.
JR Kaisoku (local) train:  About $20, about 2 hours.
Keisei Railway:  A bit less than the JR Kaisoku.  Many stops, no toilets on 

(If anyone is coming to Tokyo first, we recommend that you not take the JR 
Narita Express to Tokyo Main Station.  The platform is five stories below 
ground and there are no red caps.  Use the Keisei Skyliner, less expensive 
than the JR Narita Express and you can do directly to a taxi.)

All seats on the JR Narita Express (and Keisei Skyliner) are 
reserved.  Don't let that worry you, just go to the basement and find the 
appropriate ticket counter.

<an aside about baggage handling>

You may want to put what you need for the first 18 hours in a "roll on" 
bag.  You can have your heavier bags shipped to your hotel to be delivered 
the following day.

So, after Customs, go to "abc baggage service".  You may check you larger 
bags there, cost 1,700 yen per bag (up to 35 kg).  You may pay with a 
credit card.  Jane and I do this every time we come back to Japan.  It's a 
good service.

<end of aside>

If you are in Terminal 1, the trains originate here.  NWA, United and most 
U.S. carriers use Terminal 1.

Now, here are the train schedules. (Prose a bit stilted and redundant, I've 
done this before and am cutting and pasting).

There is a local train (Kaisoku) which leaves Terminal #1 every hour on 
the  hour.  It takes about two hours to get to Yokohama.  I'm fairly sure 
they have toilets.

Terminal #1 has the larger international carriers.  Terminal #2 has JAL and 
lesser international carriers.  The rail terminals are in the basements of 
the two terminals.

There is another rail line, Keisei RR, which primarily goes to Tokyo, but 
has a slower local that goes to Yokohama.

Airport 1 - Airport 2 - Yokohama  JR Narita Express:

   08:13 - 08:15 - 09:57
   09:13 - 09:15 - 10:47
   09:43 - 09:47 - 11:19
   10:13 - 10:15 - 11:44
   11:13 - 11:16 - 12:45
   12:13 - 11:16 - 13:42
   13:13 - 13:16 - 14:43
   14:43 - 14:45 - 16:13
   15:43 - 15:46 - 17:14
   16:43 - 16:46 - 18:18
   17:44 - 17:47 - 19:14
   18:43 - 18:46 - 20:23
   19:13 - 19:16 - 20:47
   19:43 - 19:46 - 20:22
   20:43 - 20:47 - 22:17
   21:43 - 21:45 - 23:08

There is probably a car on the train with vending machines and a card 
operated telephone.  There are certainly toilets.  (Jane and I never take 
the JR Narita Express, but I think I'm right, Keisei Skyliner has all these 

So now you arrive in Yokohama Main Station.  You and your bag(s) will need 
to get off the train rather promptly.  You'll probably be on your own, it's 
been years since I've seen an "akebo" (red cap).  There will be 
escalators.  If you need it, there will be an elevator, the platform 
manager may need to use a key to let you use it.  The station is relatively 
new and well provided for -- better than before.

Once on the ground floor (1F in Japan), you'll need to get to the taxi 
stand.  Be ready with the name of your hotel in writing.

Our home contacts are shown below.

Personal regards, BobC
New Cell phone numbers, April 2000.
Robert F.  & Jane Wms. Connelly
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11-5  Ichiban-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082, JAPAN
(Home) +81-3-3262-1729;  FAX +81-3-3265-9884
(Office) +81-3-3234-6921
Cell Phones:  Bob: +81-90-9292-6684;  Jane +81-901-508-0018.
Japan Voice/FAX message line:  03-4512-4888
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