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Re: [registrars] Agenda...

At 18:30 07-07-2000 +0200, Collignon Francois wrote:
>4. Auction of domain names

Dear Paul and Francois:

Let's make a special case of auctioning.  A customer asked us whether a 
registrar could auction off a domain it got "stuck" with because of a 
chargeback or other failure to be able to receive the funds from the 

I said I thought it was OK.  However, one of our PSI staff countered, 
"Could they auction a particularly attractive domain for a lot of 
moola?"  The question was in the context of auctioning a domain which might 
subsequently become the subject of a UDRP.

My thinking was could the registrar recover some of his loss by a distress 
sale at "bargain basement" prices?

I think this is also an issue for the CoC WG.

Regards, BobC

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