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Re: Governance (Re: [nc-org] Version 3.0 of policy statement)

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, at 12:09 [=GMT-0400], Milton Mueller wrote:

> Schneiders:
> Although I am certainly not unhappy with the present draft, it is
> still not clear to me, why we cannot and should not propose *one*
> concrete 'applicant'. 
> MM====> We fundamentally disagree here. 

Clear. And I see no support from other TF members for my position. So
I yield, unless others speak up.

> I see the DNSO as a
> general policy-making organization. That is, we set out general
> parameters. Then we rely on the private sector to respond to 
> those parameters in creative ways. I think it is a big mistake to
> get too specific in policy making. (I say this as someone who has
> observed and participated in US communications policy making
> for nearly 20 years.) Our job is not to DESIGN new ORG. Our job
> is to define the policies that we want it to meet.

Then, however, we must be most clear, and state exactly what we want.
If we want elections of some sort, e.g., we must say so. I have no
problems with exhortative language, except when it is completely
unknown who we are talking to.


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