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[nc-org] Re: Version 3.0 of policy statement

>>> ck@nrm.se 09/23/01 01:44PM >>>
[snip] the Sponsoring Organization (SO) need not be a
preestablished representative of the target community. Instead, we
are suggesting that it will be sufficient for the SO to demonstrate
its ability to act fully in the best interests of the target
community, not least by providing the registrants with transparent
and effective means for participating in the on-going development of
TLD policies and practices.

MM ====>
This is a very good way of putting it, Cary. However, we are
also asking applicants to DEFINE more specifically than we are
what the target community is. I look forward to seeing some
variation in those definitions, and allowing the process to pick
what appears to be the "best" one.

I agree 100% that it is not desirable or even possible for us to specify an 
existing organization. Instead, we make it clear that applicants have to
provide proper representation for existing ORG registrants and have
some trust and support relationship with the broader community
they purport to represent. 

MM====> I also agree with this: Strongly.

In the sTLD world, the SO *must* outsource the registry function.
Our primary task is to ensure that ICANN's involvement in the
operation of newORG is restricted to the delegation of all operative
and policy authority to the SO. 

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