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Governance (Re: [nc-org] Version 3.0 of policy statement)

>>> Marc Schneiders <marc@schneiders.org> 09/23/01 10:32AM >>>
Would it maybe be an idea to add a line in support of this direct
participation? Explaining why it is a good idea, apart from principles
of democracy, to let the registrants determine policies? Vid. to
preserve/enhance the special character of ORG. Or would this be

MM ===> It is possible for the policy put up for public comment to
contain explanatory commentary. Just remember that the
shorter the document is, the better. More people will read 
and understand it.

Although I am certainly not unhappy with the present draft, it is
still not clear to me, why we cannot and should not propose *one*
concrete 'applicant'. 

MM====> We fundamentally disagree here. I see the DNSO as a
general policy-making organization. That is, we set out general
parameters. Then we rely on the private sector to respond to 
those parameters in creative ways. I think it is a big mistake to
get too specific in policy making. (I say this as someone who has
observed and participated in US communications policy making
for nearly 20 years.) Our job is not to DESIGN new ORG. Our job
is to define the policies that we want it to meet.

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