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Re: [nc-org] Re: Version 3.0 of policy statement

When we speak about new dot Org we should size some numbers
and feasibility conditions.

Marc wrote:
  However, there are already some 2,803,000 (plus some
  45,000 IDN) ORG names in existence... These are spread over the 100
  plus registrars. This is not a clean slate operation, like .museum.
  It will be far more difficult to get existing registrars under a
  policy than new ones.

It means that VeriSign as Registry gets circa
         2.8 million * 6USD = 17 million USD
per annum income for dot Org.

On the other hand, when we look on big ccTLD Registries, which
are not for profit, and which are not-Registrars, the similar
quantity of domain names request for a very well trained staff
of minimum 50 persons, distributed among techies, accountants, lawyers,
interface with customers, human resources manager, public relations.
The raw salary budget for such staff is estimated at no less than
50*60 k USD = 3 million USD. Add buildings (1500 square meters),
computers, connectivity, training, travels, insurances, etc.
Scalabilty problems of zone file transfers, and subsequent cost.

What I wish to point out is that the dot Org Registry must be
quite a huge specialized company to take over the current dot Org
activities.  How do you figure out any bidding to dot Org ? 
Who are potential bidders ?
The bidder is expected to take over the current operations 
within a very small time (few hours ?), therefore the new company
must be in place, all staff hired, trained and operational, before
things happen.
It will be certainly helpfull to get 5 million USD from Verisign
to start business, but these 5 million does not seem a lot to me.
Actually an aside question arises - currently Verisign sells domain
names for much longer than one year. Is Verisign going to handover the
money for "unused time" to the new dot Org ? 

Coming back to dot Org Registry. Either we estimate that a non for
profit company may emerge all of sudden to bid for dot Org with
3 million domain names or we consider it differently. 
Some of ccTLD Registries started as a cooperatives or not for profit 
associations, formed of ISPs or Registrars (at that time they 
could have tens of thousands of domain names, not millions).
Should we look at such a concept ?

(as usually wondering about implementations ...)

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