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RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom


Quite correct.  I did not mean to imply a control structure.

But lets' back up a little.  The intention of the Bye Laws is, I believe 
(and I had some hand in them), that the GA is the General Assembly of all 
the Constituencies, the Names Council and any one else who wants to 
participate to contribute effort to the DNSO.

I think the first thing we must do is try to get the GA to be what is 
intended - not a separate constituency of sorts by default.  Advice on how 
to achieve this through the mailing lists would be helpful, I believe.  At 
present the GA list is a separate list that people have to sign up to.  I 
personally would have liked to have been signed up automatically on the GA 
list becasue I am on the ccTLD Constituency list - but maybe others would 
prefer otherwise.

The NC is the elected body - elected by the Constituencies - to 
administer/manage  the affairs of the DNSO, and to act as the channel to 
the Board.

Given the above, the discussion about an AdCom for the GA should be part of 
the more general discussion about the AdCom for the DNSO, supporting the 
GA, the Constituencies and the NC.  Of course, an important element in 
these discussion will have to be the funding proposals.

I look forward to participating in the discussions.


On Wednesday, October 06, 1999 6:40 PM, Karl Auerbach 
[SMTP:karl@CaveBear.com] wrote:
> > Now, (I think that) the GA processes are supposed to work as follows: 
> > a proposal has been worked up in the DNSO GA, it is supposed to be
> > forwarded to the Names Council for consideration and (possible) 
> The ICANN bylaws say it rather differently.
> Under the bylaws, the GA (and bodies of the GA, which is what Working
> Groups are) work on things.  The NC merely measures the degree of
> consensus into three classes (< 50%, 50% - 65%, > 67%) and, depending on
> the class, either forwards it to the ICANN board or not.
> In other words, the Names Council has no power under the ICANN bylaws to
> deal with the substantive merits of an issue.
> (The names council members are, of course, free to join the GA and the
> working groups, as they have done, and add their voices to the
> discussions.  But they do so as GA and Working Group members, not as 
> Council people.)
> The GA is a distinct body, it is free to organize itself in whatever
> manner it sees fit subject only to those very few powers of the NC,
> enumerated in the ICANN bylaws, to establish certain specific and limited
> procedures for the GA.
> 		--karl--