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[ga] Reply to the List or Reply to the person who send the message

Dear John,

Your disagreement is understood and it is wellcome anytime ;-)

I got more than 600 messages each day, so I understand VERY WELL
what you say.  What about we ask the list administrator a reminder to
every new member saying "when you reply your answer will go to the
person... if you want to send to all... put ga@dnso.org ..."

I suspect it must be in the general instructions, but as you have been
able to see some friends are copying a loooong list of addresses in the
"cc:" field... I think is becasue they are not aware of the rules of the list...
a special reminder to educate the new ones would be good.

Oh... other thing, for myself included, it would be neccesary to send reminders 
to all the GA members to change the Subject Field (many times, as in many 
lists all around the world) is not valid with the theme that it is been talked about...

Have a nice day!

Lima, Peru.

At 6/10/99 1:17:00 PM, you wrote:
>If we agree with the principle of maximum involvement, it is
>important to keep the noise level on the list as low as possible
>List defaults that encourage casual posting
>errors, or thoughts that are really of interest to only one or
>two people, to go to the list don't contribute to that goal and
>may contribute to the GA being less representative of those who
>are impacted by the DNS and DNSO.
Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe