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RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom


I had misunderstood.  That's great - I look forward to participating in that discussion


On Wednesday, October 06, 1999 9:58 AM, Dr. Nii N. Quaynor [SMTP:quaynor@ghana.com] wrote:
> Dennis,
> Please, the proposal has been re-scheduled for discussion (agenda item) at
> the GA meeting in LA. At which point all procedures will be followed as
> determined by the outcome. There is no action planned on this subject till
> LA.
> Nii
> >As I understand it, the current situation is that a proposal has been
> >brought forward by the GA mailing list that the General Assembly have some
> >sort of administration committee.
> >
> >Now, (I think that) the GA processes are supposed to work as follows:  Once
> >a proposal has been worked up in the DNSO GA, it is supposed to be
> >forwarded to the Names Council for consideration and (possible) approval.
> >