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[ga] Re: BC delegates

Thanks for your note.

I've been a principal with The Darwin Group, a California small 
business corporation, for fifteen years.  I've worked extensively in 
Washington on technology policy matters for higher education, which 
on many occasions has involved small business interests and concerns.

I have been an organizer and founder of half a dozen small non-profit 
corporations in the last twenty-five years.  I have served on a 
number of small corporation Boards, and I have worked for such Boards 
as well.

I believe I am well qualified to bring a small business perspective 
to the Nominating Committee.

As the Nominating Committee begins its work, I would welcome your 
further input.

- Mike Roberts

Michael M. Roberts
Managing Director
The Darwin Group, Inc.
339 La Cuesta Drive
Portola Valley, CA 94028

At 19:56 -0500 1/20/03, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
>Dear Mike,
>I note from the Business Constituency website that you (along with Grant
>Forsyth) are poised to be confirmed as a BC delegate to the ICANN nominating
>committee.  As the BC is charged with the selection of both small and large
>business users delegates, I would ask if you will be the individual
>demonstrably reflecting the business interests and perspectives of the small
>business community?   My assumption is that Grant will be representing the
>Telco interests.  If that is indeed the case, might we know of your record as
>an advocate for small business interests?  I would hate to think that you are
>being given the nod solely due to your insider status in an effort to create
>a self-perpetuating Board.
>All the best,
>Danny Younger

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