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[ga] self-organization

Does ICANN have any principles left?  

It used to believe in the principle of self-organization, but now it chooses 
to dictate to ccTLD managers exactly how they should construct their own 
Supporting Organization.  We have a Board Committee soliciting advice from 
others not even in the proposed SO on how to best impose a top-down solution 
upon a community that has already demonstrated its resolve and capability to 

The other day Alf Hansen wrote:  "As a ccTLD manager for .no I would not 
accept if the DNSO started to dictate how my relations to the Norwegian 
Government should be and how our internal formation of local policy was 
organized."  One has to wonder if Alf, now a member of the ccNSO assistance 
group, is comfortable with ICANN's meddling in the internal affairs of the 
ccTLDs.  One also has to wonder why others such as Phil Sheppard, the former 
Chair of the DNSO Council, would willingly agree to stick his nose into the 
business of another SO, instead of respecting the right of the ccTLD Adcom to 
pursue its own legitimate plans without interference.

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