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[ga] Lying to the RIRs

The ERC's Update Regarding RIR Submissions makes the following statement:

"It is semantic to the extent that we expect the ASO to continue to develop 
and propose global policies that in fact have or will receive broad community 
support, in which case the ICANN Board will simply accept (ratify) the 

The ICANN Board has a long history of refusing to ratify proposals that have 
received broad community support, their action to reject the DNSO 
recommendation on WLS being but the latest example.   The Board no longer 
"coordinates" policies developed by others, instead they act unilaterally to 
create and impose policy at odds with the consensus of the community.  The 
RIRs are to be applauded for taking a stance against this egregious tyrant.

ICANN no longer understands what it means to "coordinate".  They have become 
accustomed to dictating policy from the top-down and intend to brook no 
checks upon their authority.  As Chuck Costello, the Vice Chair of the At 
Large Study Committee (ALSC), so eloquently stated:  "The management proposal 
is not merely a reform proposal, nor is it evolutionary. Rather, it is a 
declared intent of a palace coup d'etat from within ICANN." 

They may call it "reform", but it is nothing more than the pursuit of 
unrestrained power and the denial of our long-standing tradition of 
consensus-based decision-making.  ICANN can no longer lay claim to being the 
steward of the public trust.  It has repeatedly proven that it can't be 
trusted to act in the public interest.  Currently it is blackmailing the 
ccTLD community.  Who will next fall victim to its extortion?  Is this how 
one manages a public trust?  

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