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[ga] Vint why do none of the NIC's have any way to inform them of WHOIS data that is wrong...

Vint - the operating process of the NIC's seem to have no way for
individuals to report domains that are either misregistered or have
fraudulent contact information or broken links for whatever reason.

This is a real problem since these are the issues that spammers and other
peddlers of illicit materials create for themselves to hide behind. For
instance - I get this SPAM this morning showing half a dozen school girls
involved in various sexual acts and after doing a header analysis, we find
it comes from a domain called 99talk.com, registered through the Boy Scouts
of Australia, only the contact email addresses for the domain all bounce...

And in instances like this one,  if the NIC bothered to check its contact
data on a regular basis of course this would not be true. So I have to ask -
Why then do the InterNIC's not have any way of taking reports or doing
anything about these fraudulent or inaccurate listings in the Whois or other
"client databases" maintained buy the NIC's?

This is negligence in the Registrar and ICANN process, not an excuse for
plausible deniability and it needs to be addressed.


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