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[ga] "The reform committee continues to refine its proposals..."

From: "vinton g. cerf" <vinton.g.cerf@wcom.com>

"The reform committee continues to refine its proposals..."

Are they trying to decide whether to charge $1 per domain name per year or 25 cents ?

Will ICANN be raising enough money to hire you as the CEO, now that Worldcom is history ?

Does ICANN plan to move out of the current location to a ranch it purchases overlooking the
Pacific Ocean ? Will there be an airstrip and stables for horses ? Will those be in the budget ?

When will companies like IBM, HP and AT&T start paying their equivalent share of rent for
address space ? Will that gain them special access to the ICANN Ranch and horseback rides ?

Will there also be room in the ICANN budget to pick up a mansion in the Beverly Hills area ?
...to host various gatherings to maintain the stability....job security....etc...

Jim Fleming
2002:[IPv4]:000X:03DB:...IPv8 is closer than you think...

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