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[ga] Re: At-Large Supporting Organization


The reform committee continues to refine its proposals - I think the general perspective is to see how the advisory committee organizes itself before making deeper commitments. 


At 11:58 PM 8/15/2002 -0400, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
>Hello Vint,
>Thank you for the prompt response.  I am sure that you understand that an 
>Advisory Committee, while providing opportunities for participation, is not 
>the equivalent of a Supporting Organization in that it cannot elect 
>representatives to the Board.  Is there a particular reason why the Board is 
>not amenable to such representation for the At-large community?  The ALSC 
>proposal for such an SO did have a broad base of community support -- the 
>only issue appeared to be the number of directors that it would elect... 
>I can understand your decision to back away from global elections, but I find 
>it harder to understand why you would shy away from a representative 
>construct (the Supporting Organization) that has already served the 
>Corporation well.  Perhaps you and your fellow Board members can clarify your 
>thinking on this matter.  It certainly would be appreciated. 
>Best regards,

Vint Cerf
SVP Architecture & Technology
22001 Loudoun County Parkway, F2-4115
Ashburn, VA 20147
703 886 1690 (v806 1690)
703 886 0047 fax

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