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RE: [ga] Thoughts/question on the WLS, and the Cookie Challenge

Hi Stuart,

--- Stuart Marsden <Stuart.Marsden@poptel.coop> wrote:
> Is there a point to any of this drivel?

It's only the continuing silence of WLS advocates in the face of tough
questions that requires a bit of dramatic flair and style to some
postings, to illustrate the absurdity of those who've been silent.

Valid points have been made by many opponents of WLS. For a good
summary, see Dotster's statement at:


which pulled the best arguments since last summer.

As you appear to be a member of the gTLD Registries constituency,
who've gone on record as supporting WLS, perhaps you can tackle the
issue below. In place of VGRS, perhaps use your own registry, dot-coop
in exchange, to let us know whether those back-door dealings described
in that scenario would be permitted in .coop.

* * * * WLS and the "Effects Test" * *  * *

Consider the following scenario. The Status Quo exists, and SnapNames
approaches VGRS to make a private deal, whereby SnapBack holders get
first dibs on all expiring domain names for the first day. SnapNames
then announces that any registrar can resell SnapBacks for $30 ($24+$6
registration fee). SnapNames negotiates a private deal with VGRS to
split the cash.

Does one not think the above scenario would have consumers and
registrars up in arms? I REALLY want someone to answer that question --
yes or no, would that deal as described above be allowed?

Now, how does one differentiate the above scenario with the WLS
proposal? The *impact* (effect) on the marketplace is IDENTICAL, the
only thing that has changed is that VGRS is the one with the "public
face" saying they'll collect the proceeds from participating

If anyone can explain to me how they would logically Reject the
above, yet accept WLS, that would put to rest the WLS debate
completely. I issue that as a challenge to Roger, Chuck, SnapNames,
your lawyers, lobbyists, and any other proponent of WLS -- your silence
will be telling.

Since one of the purposes of the DNSO GA list is to foster
inter-constituency dialogue, your feedback and replies can influence
the other constituencies (and vice-versa), leading to improved
solutions to real problems and concerns.


George Kirikos

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