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[ga] Ballot discussion

Thomas Roessler presented one possible ballot:
>Just in case it helps, the ballot as I imagined it when I wrote my  
>message in the morning would (roughly) look like this:
>        [ ] motion 1
>        [ ] motion 2
>        [ ] abstain
>The options you have: Either abstain, or give yes/no votes to _both_ motions.  In this situation, there are basically three things which can happen:
>- One motion wins (> 50% yes), and the other one loses (< 50% yes).  
>  In this case, there is no doubt that the motion with > 50 % yes  
>  should win.
>- Both motions get more than 50% yes.  In this case, there's   obviously more consensus on the one with more votes, so that   should be the winner.
>- Both motions get less than 50% yes.  In this case, there's   obviously no consensus at all, so no motion would be accepted.

Gary Osbourne noted that one cannot abstain on one and 
vote yes or no to another.

Joanna Lane has stated that these the two motions either
-- are not conflicting Motions 
-- or, if they were, there should be further discussion to
   eliminate one or other Motion.

My personal opinion is that the two are indeed conflicting
motions, that further discussion will probably not lead
to a single motion, that we have to take the vote at
a point in time where it still is relevant and that we
have to take time constraints on the Secretariat into

Another possible format:
>As far as I see it, a strict application of these rules would mandate that the 
>question on the ballot is something like this:
>        Please select one of the following options:
>        [ ] The GA should adopt the "re-bid" resolution
>        [ ] The GA should adopt the "basic principles" resolution
>        [ ] The GA should adopt none of the above resolutions.
>You'd make precisely one "x" (or abstain).  Obviously, only one of  
>the options could get more than 50% of all the votes.  In that  
>case, that option would be adopted.  If none of the options gets  
>more than 50%, there would be no consensus on the GA, that would be  
>documented, and we could at least try to return to more important  

Joanna Lane noted that one cannot agree with both or disagree
with both, or agree with one, but abstain on another motion
with this ballot.

Gary Osbourne stated that this might work reasonably well with two 
options, but wouldn't scale if there was a third option.

Please send your opinions on which form of ballot is appropriate
(and *please* be as exact as possible).

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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