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Re: [ga] Procedure.

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 09:38:26AM -0700, Gary Osbourne wrote:
> Just because this is an online voting process
> doesn't mean such voting should be done in
> parallel, rather than serial, fashion.

You are overlooking the cost of conducting the vote.  If votes were 
free (in terms of human effort to set up and real time to conduct), 
then conducting multiple serial votes might be reasonable.  But those 
conditions are not met.

In more detail: because of the uncertain transit time for email (especially 
when the further reaches of the Internet are involved), and the
fact that the vote is global across time zones, one must allow at least
a few days for any vote.  Moreover, because we aren't all in the same
room looking at each other's hands, there have to be auditing procedures
in place.  These audit procedures are potentially time consuming for 
the auditors, and for the people running the vote (the secretariat).  
Therefore we can't just run serial votes, and therefore, it is 
important to batch votes.

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