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[ga] Time to regulate the Re-Sellers

The following post has appeared on the registrars list:

A Registrar (most probably a reseller of ICANN accredited Registrar) caused 
one of the most severe massive SPAMs we have ever seen. It goes by those two 


it took our mail server down for couple of hours today.  For those who are 
curious, two SPAM messages are attached below.  (see 
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc01/msg02287.html  for details).  
If one of our Resellers would do this we would terminate them.

A subsequent post to the registrar's list 
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc01/msg02289.html revealed that 
the reseller operates on behalf of SRSPlus... a Verisign company.

In my opinion, it is time to regulate the re-seller community to the same 
degree that we regulate the activities of registrars.  If registrars take no 
action to police their own industry, and if they are not held accountable for 
the actions of their re-sellers, then this industry is surely begging for the 
same type of governmental intervention that impacted the telecommunications 

I, for one, do not seek an enhanced role for governments.  It is ICANN's 
responsibility to manage the Domain Name system.  Resellers acting as loose 
cannons do not serve this industry well, and should be brought under control. 

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