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Re: [ga] Request for immediate action to be taken against RegisterNamesHere .com

Sunday, Sunday, April 07, 2002, 6:12:43 PM, Richard Henderson wrote:

> Dear William, Jeff, Vint and all -

> You say "Just invoke the RDRP". Do you seriously think that 2089 people are
> going to challenge all those names? Of course they're not. You are
> presumably referring to Appendix L of the agreement.

> But it's not as simple as you suggest, because Neulevel and ICANN wrote a
> "RESERVATION" into their Agreement, which permits them to supercede the
> details you mention from Appendix L.

Permits them, does not obligate them.

I'm still waiting for you to answer the previous question posed to
you, where do you see anything that requires a registrar to have a
public interface and sell names to the public?

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>
Save Internet Radio!  
CARP will kill Webcasting!

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