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[ga] Request for immediate action to be taken against RegisterNamesHere .com

Dear Jeff and Vint

I am understandably dismayed to see that 2089 .biz 2B names are STILL up for
sale at the site RegisterNamesHere.com


The rules for .biz clearly say that you may not buy these names simply for

Well these names were up for sale in three days!

So Neulevel is within their contractual rights, within the rules, to DELETE
the 2000+ names.

If America is a law-abiding democratic state, then let's start seeing some
respect for the rules!

Neulevel has been formally requested to investigate this case and take
retrospective action (as they have a contractual right) to delete the names
since the integrity of the process and the interests of the public are
damaged by this abuse of the system. Consumers have contacted me,
complaining that they wanted (and still want) a number of the names that
this company hijacked.

The TLD Agreement with ICANN, Appendix F (defining the Registry-Registrar
Agreement), Exhibit E, Section III: Allows for the Registry to CANCEL
registrations (i) "to protect the integrity of the Registry".

What could be a more blatant flouting of the integrity of .biz than someone
buying 2089 names, making no attempt to use them as defined by the terms of
sale, and putting them straight up for sale, IN BREACH OF THE RULES?

What more does anyone have to do, before Neulevel will act to enforce the

I hope you will agree that I am reasonable to ask for decent values, and the
protection of consumers who want these names for proper purposes.



Richard Henderson

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