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[ga] RE: Open Letter to Mr Jeff Neuman from The Internet Challenge

Richard and all,

I am in receipt of your e-mails and we are conducting our own investigation
into these matters.  We will respond to your e-mail when our investigation
is further down the road.  This internal investigation is a necessary step
before we can respond to the issues raised in your e-mails.  

Thanks again for your comments.

Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq.
Director, Policy and Intellectual Property
NeuLevel, Inc. 
Loudoun Tech Center
46000 Center Oak Plaza
Building X
Sterling, VA 20166
p: (202) 533-2733
f: (202) 533-2970
e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@NeuLevel.biz

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Subject: Re: Open Letter to Mr Jeff Neuman from The Internet Challenge

Dear Vint and Jeff

I just want to forward this message I have posted at the ICANN NewTLDs
Forum. It concerns Joshua Blacker, who was the registrant of all Signature's
domains in last week's .biz release. He says he is a partner of the company.

I'd really appreciate some response to this. Is it acceptable for a
registrar to register high value names only for itself? And then there is
the case of the other 5 Registrars who appear to have acted in a similar way
(though obviously each case needs investigation).




I just phoned Joshua at (001) 310-823-1252 and I'd forgotten the time
difference. Poor bloke, it was 6.30 in California and I'd woken him up.

I congratulated him on getting so many amazing domains, and explained that
people were wondering how he alone managed to get names through Signature

Joshua then answered, "Well actually I am a silent partner of Signature
Domains. That's how I did it. I don't want to say anything. It's my partner
you need to speak to."

I said, "Who is your partner, is it Barry Fellman?"

He said, "You've found my telephone number, I expect you know his as well."

I felt sorry for him. It was so early. I checked again and said, "So you are
a silent partner of Signature Domains."

Joshua said, "Yes, I am a silent partner of Signature Domains, but it's my
partner you want to speak to."

I said "OK" and apologised for waking him up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I found Joshua's home number from a work-related Internet site.


This lists his home number if you scroll down the page to Blacker at the
address 609 Coeur d'Alene Ave (the address he gave on the WHOIS for all his
domains). Only the phone number on the WHOIS is different.

On a personal note, I'm not in the business of judging other individuals. He
was courteous and straight with me, as I was with him. It's the system I am
challenging : the system which ALLOWS Registrars to act in ways which seem
at odds with fairness and which seems to require no accountability.

I await Jeff Neuman's response from Neulevel.

What is the status of these domains obtained by Signature Domains?

And I await ICANN's response too.

Is it prepared to offer accreditation to Registrars if they are shown to act
against the interests of the Internet Public?

And will it PLEASE finally intervene BEFORE the same things happen all over
again in the .info Landrush 2?
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