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[ga] Survey

Dear Marilyn,

You have posted a survey to the Transfers TF list, and you have indicated 
that "The survey was developed by a small group of TF members who worked 
together to generate a draft which is now presented to the full TF for input 
and suggestions."

As I review the survey, this document appears to me to be virtually identical 
to the survey that was solely developed by Ross Rader and which was 
previously posted (Feb. 21) to:  

Why don't you come clean, and admit that this is solely Ross's work-product 
that you modified only in the most minor of ways.   I have previously noted 
that you are under the instructions of the BC to advocate Ross's solution to 
the transfers problem... Can't you set aside your bias just briefly enough to 
allow others on the TF to participate?  You asked no one to assist in the 
preparation of this survey, and yet you present it as if it was a project 
given over to volunteers on your TF to handle...

Why not allow the other constituencies and the GA to get involved?  This 
should not become strictly the RC/BC roadshow.

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