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RE: [ga] Internet Registries position

> How much is half of these funds exactly? (Useful for 
> individuals to know how much buys the ICANN Board).
> Joanna


has the follow about this:

"Should no RIR funding be received, ICANN will not only need to reduce even
further the projected surplus for 2001-2002 by the $496,000 revenues
budgeted during that year from the RIRs, but will also need to write-off the
$856,000 in accounts receivable attributed to revenues from RIRs booked from
the past two financial years. The combined reduction of $1,352,000 would
obviously result in a significant loss, regardless of what the ccTLDs
contribute in 2001-2002."

So, that would be $425,000 for half of the outstanding amount from previous
years and almost $250,000 for this year (assuming that the RIR's will pay
half of this years as well).

The RIR's paying 50% of the their fees has a major cash flow impact for

Steven Heath
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