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Re: [ga] Funding ICANN

At 12:16 AM -0500 3/25/02, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
>If ICANN (or the US Government) truly wished to solve such
>a funding problem without involving any of the above, they
>could always turn to Individual Users.  But that would
>also involve accountability.

Although welcome, it still wouldn't work.

Most people currently involved are nest-featherers. The budget will
continuw to expand, along with their power, until such time as we finally
pull the plug on this failed experiment.

Next time, we have to make sure that no one segment gets so much control
that they are able to keep other segment away from the table.

This means no ring-in directors on a preliminary board, for starters.

Andrew P. Gardner
barcelona.com stolen, stmoritz.com stays. What's uniform about the UDRP?
We could ask ICANN to send WIPO a clue, but do they have any to spare?
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