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[ga] Funding ICANN

Bill Semich is correct in asserting that the restructuring proposal is very 
weak on the issue that seems of greatest concern to ICANN right now: funding.

Funding is an issue of such importance that it assuredly compelled Mr. Lynn 
to propose governmental involvement in ICANN, even though official US policy 
as cited by the White Paper states:  "the U.S. continues to believe, as do 
most commenters, that neither national governments acting as sovereigns nor 
intergovernmental organizations acting as representatives of governments 
should participate in management of Internet names and addresses."

So, how do we deal with the problem?  Bill has offered one approach... I 
would like to hear from others... perhaps we could get some feedback from 
members of the Budget Advisory Group who even now must be in consultation 
with Stuart Lynn over the details of the new annual budget.  Additionally, it 
would be of benefit to all of us if we could actually review the preliminary 
budget (which still has not been posted).  We can't help that much if we 
continue to be kept in the dark.

Perhaps Mr. Lynn can let us know who currently sits on the Budget Advisory 
Group, and when the proposed budget will be made available for review.

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