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Re: [ga] Funding ICANN

DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
> Funding is an issue of such importance that it assuredly compelled Mr. Lynn
> to propose governmental involvement in ICANN, even though official US policy
> as cited by the White Paper states:  "the U.S. continues to believe, as do
> most commenters, that neither national governments acting as sovereigns nor
> intergovernmental organizations acting as representatives of governments
> should participate in management of Internet names and addresses."

If ICANN (or the US Government) truly wished to solve such
a funding problem without involving any of the above, they
could always turn to Individual Users.  But that would
also involve accountability.  


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
	Toronto, Canada

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"The most effective way to restrict democracy is to
transfer decision-making from the public arena to
unaccountable institutions: kings and princes, priestly
castes, military juntas, party dictatorships, or modern
-- Noam Chomsky
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