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[ga] Re: Restructuring Proposal

In response to Jeff Williams comments posted to the GA-full list:  

The ASO, in fact, has constituencies:  ARIN, RIPE NCC, and APNIC (soon to be 
joined by LACNIC and AFRNIC).  The PSO also has constituent members:  IETF, 
W3C, ITU-U, and ETSI.  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) usually are in a 
position to find an umbrella group (constituency) within which they may 
aggregate.  In the example that you have cited (the Catholic Domain Name 
Holders group, the Buddhist Domain name holders Group and the Moslem's global 
domain name holders group), all three groups would most likely unite their 
efforts within a Domain Name Holder's or Registrant's Constituency.  

Such a constituency would need to vie for a "seat at the table" by 
demonstrating that it has met certain threshold requirements, that it is a 
self-sustaining institution, that it operates to the maximum extent feasible 
in an open and transparent manner and consistent with procedures designed to 
ensure fairness, that it's participation serves the purposes of the 
Corporation, and that it has a greater claim to representation on the Board 
than another set of stakeholders (perhaps a group whose membership status is 
in default owing to an insufficient membership roster, or whose contributions 
to the ICANN process have been minimal to the degree that input from another 
group would better serve the best interests of the Corporation).

One of the realities of a petition-for-recognition mechanism is that not all 
petitions will be accepted by the Board.  We have already witnessed this 
reality in the previously failed petition of the IDNO.  It is a simple fact 
that the Board will wish to reserve such representation for major 
stakeholders as opposed to minor stakeholders.  

Mr. Williams additionally seems to be arguing for the continued existence of 
the DNSO as an institution.  I would appreciate hearing further arguments as 
to why the DNSO should be retained within a reformed ICANN.
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