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RE: [ga] Re: Verisign proceeds with WLS, despite opposition

Hi Chuck,

--- "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@verisign.com> wrote:
> Chuck: Wrong. On the contrary, we actually think that most people who
> did
> not speak out really don't care too much one way or the other.

Quoting from the most recent document:

"VGRS believes that the overwhelming majority of consumers, for whom
practical access to domain name registrations being deleted remains
unaddressed, will enjoy a far better experience when the WLS is offered
at the registry level."

Which consumers have you been talking to, to create this belief? Let me
remind you of the composition of SnapNames' "Hot 100" list, which
they've conveniently removed from their website (used to be at
http://www.snapnames.com/hot100.html ). I've saved a copy at:


Let us analyze this list, and see who the "overwhelming majority of
consumers" is that Verisign speaks for:

a) UltSearch.com owns 19 of the 100 names (participates on many other
drop systems too). 
b) BuyDomains.com - 16 of the 100 names (all for sale, too!)
c) DirectSeek/PTI Networks/Frank and Michelle Schilling -- 6 names
(participants on other drop systems too).
d) 5 other names were explicitly for sale in the WHOIS info, or were
pointed at Afternic, a domain auction site.
e) Michele Dinoia -- 2 names (a high volume domain registrant via
AWRegistry, among others)
f) 7 names seem to raise some trademark issues:
i) advil.net (and the domain is for sale!)
ii) xeroxprinters.com 
iii) wall-mart.com (redirecting to Amazon.com for now, using the
"hotdealsweb-20" affiliate tag)
iv) NokiaTunes.com
v) HondaAccord.com
vi) VolkswagonParts.com -- redirects to an "abortion is murder" site,
with a picture of a headless fetus (gruesome)
vii) UnitedAir.com (nice use of Flash in the WHOIS; see the WHOIS at
www.netsol.com for this one)

BuyDomains has been outspoken *against* WLS. Who are you talking to,
Chuck?? I don't think the beancounters at Verisign who need new revenue
sources count as "consumers" -- they count as "shareholders and
employees" of Verisign. Maybe in the Verisign dictionary "typical
consumers" = "employees of Verisign"??. It was hilarious to read
Verisign claim that "No comments or questions were offered by members
of the audience at the public GA meeting in Accra, after a brief
explanation of the WLS proposal was presented." Perhaps your definition
of "majority of consumers" is composed primarily of those who would
travel to Ghana, AFRICA to ask you questions???!!?? 

Mike Mann's list of government contact points, and his critique is at:


When can we expect the documents and official request submitted to
ICANN to be made public for perusal? As registrars in the DNSO RC list
pointed out, the devil is in the details, and it'd be nice to finally
see the full text of the proposal and contracts.


George Kirikos

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