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[ga] Re: [ALSC-Forum] Restructuring proposal

On 20:37 23/03/02, DannyYounger@cs.com said:
>I have completed a restructuring proposal that has been forwarded to the
>members of the Evolution and Reform Committee.  The document is posted at
>I look forward to reviewing the proposals that the rest of the community will

Dear Danny,
your proposition is of high interest. I will link it to the WECANN site I 
plan as a common working tool toawards a consensual ICANN Internet 
Community Pact.

Let me however at this stage ask you two questions:

- a few categories seem to be missing here which actually have a say in 
real life about the Internet. Quickly: content, telcos, registrants, 
e-business, media, ASPs, financing, Govs, consumers, manufacturers, 
cultures and religions, justice and policy, defense.

- don't you think your proposition which has a lot of merits is more a 
proposition for a national community than for an international institution. 
I think the first problem we face is to know where we address the 
international problem: either at the top and we have 244 problems one shot. 
Or at the bottom and we have 244 problems n shots, n being the number of 
vertical themes.

I also have a suggestion. As I said I think about the WECANN site. I would 
like to set it up as a real working tool and I need help for that. I would 
like to establish a link to every serious proposition like yours for the 
people to compare.
- an executive summary would be great as an introduction
- a comparative grid would be great too : the propositions by the main 
points. To do that I would need a list of the main issues we have to 
address and the way the propositions address them.

- do you propose ICANN to stay:
   - incorprated in California or where
   - a non profit corporation or what
   - a no member corporation or what
- do you propose the ICANN to stay a flat structure or structured as an 
international structure

Obviously the wording is of the essence. My idea would be to establish a 
mailing list for all the proposition writers so they may contribute to the 
site and get their proposition best presented.
Your comments welcome.

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