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[ga] Re: Verisign proceeds with WLS, despite opposition


--- Joseph McDonald <joe@vpop.net> wrote:
> If WLS goes through, it spells demise for competing registrars.  vrsn
> will own the namespace.
> George, set up a paypal site for the legal fund, I will contribute. 
> I
> think many others will as well.  It's so sad that it has to come to
> this.

I'm not a lawyer, so it'd probably be inappropriate for myself to hold
funds in trust, or solicit funds. However, if one of the bolder
registrars would like to take the lead, I'll put in my share, as will
many in that "invisible opposition" that Verisign likes to pretend
doesn't exist. I doubt anyone can be found that will fund a pro-WLS
fund, besides the usual suspects. I don't think actual funds need to be
spent unless ICANN rubber-stamps the deal, which might be a few months
away given the paragraphs in the Registrar contracts pointed out
earlier, as to the independent reviews, etc. Sorry if that ruins your
Q1 launch and Q2 earnings, VRSN. ;)

If one does rough calculations, eNom's drop club would lose $25,000+
per month (say $250,000/yr). NameWinner/Dotster's probably doing at
least that much, if not more, given some of the stats on their catches.
Other registrars would lose similar scale revenues right away, or the
opportunity costs of future entry into those markets. Even some of the
SnapNames registration partners would lose big time, as there's no need
to pay them for rental of their registry connections once WLS goes
through -- instead they'd get their $2/slot margin, etc. based on
whatever they could sell (instead of a share of SnapNames' total
volume, based on maybe $15 to $20/name). Spending the legal costs just
to delay WLS for a year or two in the courts would probably be more
than returned in continuing revenue under the Status Quo in the
meantime, especially as many of the registrars have in-house counsel,
and don't necessarily have to spend the big bucks on outside help.

The first registrar (or group of registrars) to setup a trust has my
cash. Who shall have the first-mover advantage, and benefit from all
the positive press by being a leader, the David against the mighty


George Kirikos

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